Properties Directory

Jawl Properties' portfolio includes a large selection of premium office, retail and light industrial space. Our buildings are located throughout Victoria’s downtown core, the Selkirk Waterfront Community and key nodes within Saanich.

Downtown Victoria Properties
Building Building Size Type
The Atrium, 800 Yates Street 169,000 sq ft Office, Retail
1515 Douglas Street 112,000 sq ft Office, Retail
750 Pandora Avenue 190,000 sq ft Office, Retail
545 Superior Street 131,000 sq ft Office, Retail
525 Superior Street 120,000 sq ft Office, Retail
Belmont Building, 614 Humboldt Street 76,000 sq ft Office, Retail
1802 Douglas Street 69,000 sq ft Office, Retail
1405 Douglas Street 42,000 sq ft Office
1112 Fort Street 53,000 sq ft Office
1007 Fort Street 21,000 sq ft Office
812 View Street 48,000 sq ft Office, Retail
1250 Quadra Street 32,000 sf Office, Retail
1030 Fort Street 2,500 sf Office, Retail, Commercial Retail

Selkirk Waterfront Properties

Building Building Size Type
2950 Jutland Road 50,000 sq ft Office, Retail
Arc Building, 2955/57 Jutland Road 86,000 sq ft Office, Retail
Sawmill Point, 2940 Jutland Road 46,000 sq ft Office, Retail
Garbally Landing, 401 Garbally Road 48,000 sq ft Office, Retail
Gatehouse Building, 395 Waterfront Crescent 57,000 sq ft Office
2988 Jutland Road 2,000 sq ft Retail
320 Garbally Road 10,000 sq ft Office
402, 404 Garbally Road 15,000 sq ft Light Industrial
321 Waterfront Crescent Residential

Saanich Properties

Building Building Size Type
3350 Douglas Street 75,000 sq ft Office
3960 Quadra Street 66,000 sq ft Office, Retail
3300 Douglas Street 18,000 sq ft Light Industrial, Office
Tennyson I, 3375 to 3385 Tennyson Avenue 23,000 sq ft Light Industrial, Office, Retail
Tennyson II, 3350-3382 Tennyson Avenue 24,000 sq ft Light Industrial, Office, Retail
Mattick’s Farm, 5325 Cordova Bay Road 20,000 sq ft retail & 12,000 sq ft office Office, Retail